4. Session selection

Once the data uploaded, you need to select the first parameters of your session.


Session selection

Set the following parameters:

  • Statistic Title: Name of your session. This name will be the one displayed in the activity report and history.
  • Choose Session: The sessions recorded in the last uploaded data are listed. Click on the related session you want to analyse.
    The date and time displayed is the time when sensors have been turned on and turned off.
    The date and time are in the local time where the data have been recorded.
    The time zone where the data have been recorded is displayed.
  • Statistics Type: You can choose between “Game” or “Practice”.

Differences between Game and Practice


  • You need to set-up the pitch.
  • The heat-map representing the position of the pitch is displayed in the “Individual Player” statistics and the main .pdf report.
  • Only the measures that take place within the pitch (plus a buffer zone of 5 meters around the pitch) are taken into consideration for the statistics calculation.
  • Example of Heat Map.


  • You don’t need to set-up the pitch.
  • No heat-map is displayed.
  • All the recorded data during the selected time period are taken into consideration for the statistics calculation regardless of any pitch. E.g. ideal if you went jogging outside of a pitch area.

Click Next to the Pitch Set-up screen.

Pitch Set-up