2. Create and manage team settings


Create a team

Before performing any analysis, you need to create a team

  • Click on “Manage team”
  • Click on “Add team”

Enter the team name.

Select the default sport of your team.

Upload the logo. Click on the upload logo, select the logo of your choice.



Speed intervals

Choose the option you desire to break down the speed intervals

  • Range of minutes
  • Custom intervals

Update the values if needed.


Important note. The values chosen for “Sprint Threshold” and “High Intensity Distance” below can only be one of the sprint threshold value. This is important to choose them accordingly.

Acceleration / Deceleration Thresholds

The thresholds are valid for

  • Accelerations
  • Decelerations

You can define up to 3 thresholds.

The threshold value can have two decimals separated by a point.

The values are in m/s2 (meter per second square).

Usual thresholds are situated between 2 and 5 m/s2.


Sprint Thresholds

You can define 2 sprint thresholds.

Note that the sprint threshold must be defined in “Speed Intervals”.


High Intensity Distance (HID) Thresholds

You can define 2 HID thresholds.

Note that the HID threshold must be defined in “Speed Intervals”.


Heart Rate Zones

Each zone must be of “zero” value and/or each zone must not overlap each other.

No decimals are allowed.

Intensity Graph Interval

It represents the interval in minutes that is displayed in the intensity / time graphs.

No decimals are allowed.

Example of generated graph:

Modify / Delete Team

To modify or delete a team, click on the button on the right of the team name.

Select “Settings” to modify.

Select “Delete” to delete the team.

Note that the deletion is definitive once you confirm the pop-up.