3. Quick Start Sensor(s) V2

Before the Game

Make sure you have configured your sensor with a player. See related section for more information.

First, turn on the sensor by pressing the button. The LED will start blinking slowly. Let it finds the GPS signal until the LED starts blinking faster. This operation should take up to 2 minutes maximum.

It is required for the proper functioning of the device to check its position on each player and that the LED is ON (In the right position you can read the number and see the LED).


LED colorBlinking speedFunctions
RedSlowSynchronizing with GPS signal
RedFastSynchronized and ready to use
GreenSlowSynchronizing with GPS signal and measuring the heart rate the Wiz Shirt
GreenFastSynchronized and ready to use with the Wiz Shirt
BlueSlowThe sensor is charging
BlueStays ONThe sensor is fully charged

After the Game

Turn off the sensor by pressing the button 3 consecutive times. The LED turns off. Proceed with the data synchronization by connecting it to your computer with the USB-C cable or to the Docking V2 station.

With Docking Station V2

See section 4. Sync and Charging with Docking Station V2

With USB-C Cable

See section 5. Upload Data from Sensor(s) V2