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Price of generic clonazepam tablets, and that was Clonazepam 2mg what is it for in February, a month or two before the FDA approved new drug. "I just can't understand why they would want that," says Paul Knoepfler, director of research and development at the pharmaceutical companies. "That, in a sense, would create more competition for the company that's already there." Knoepfller thinks the drug could be used at doses lower than the FDA-mandated maximum of 8 mg, although it's unclear just how much of a discount that could give the generic companies. That's important because the price-comparison company Medco puts average price of generic drugs at about $12.30 for 80 mg and $13.40 120 mg. "The generic companies could be in a good position to compete if they could offer it at prices that would lower the Clonazepam 2mg 180 pills US$ 610.00 US$ 3.39 cost of generics without lowering the value," Knoepfler says. What's the holdup? There are many issues at play behind this story, ranging from the pharmaceutical companies and FDA to the states that license generic drugs. The industry doesn't have a monopoly on the drugs it makes, according to Gary Cohen, the president of Generic Pharmaceutical Association. "Some patients need a higher dose, some don't need a higher dose," Cohen says. "So it's really not something, I don't think, the generic industry can control," he adds. And the FDA, which requires companies to submit data about the drugs they make for approval, has a big influence on price. "Some of what you see from some of these generic manufacturers is that it's not based on the data provided by FDA, which is the primary source of data for these companies," Cohen says. "When I saw that the FDA had given generic companies a discount and they were still making so much money that they were asking for the same price as brand name generic companies, I thought, well, that's going to be a real issue them." As a result, Cohen says, some generic companies are making a sentence for drug trafficking in canada lot of profits in the market — even at price of generic drugs. "The generic companies will say, well, we're getting the same or better bang for the buck as our competitors. And, you know, that's really what matters," Cohen says. "And when you get the same bang for buck that you were getting previously, means the profits continue to grow." Some states are also blocking new drugs from Clonazepam 0 25mg sublingual preço entering the local market because they're too expensive for consumers, but that doesn't matter to the companies. "That means they can't be marketed in the same way, and I really, really don't have any problem with that," says Andrew Miller, chief medical officer at Bristol-Myers Squibb, which makes the generic drug Norco. "We'll sell it in the market wherever we can sell it," Miller says. "That's the nature of these medications." Even if a brand-name drug does win approval from the FDA, generics can still win over doctors. Generic versions of the same medicine have active ingredients in them, but they usually have smaller doses and lower prices compared with the brand names. Some doctors may have Buy clonazepam from mexico a hard time telling generic drug form from a brand-name drug, but Miller says it's usually not a real problem because doctors just don't give much thought to the differences between drugs. "I think people forget it, and I think doctors forget it more than most people realize," Miller says. "I think they don't recognize the benefits when they're given a brand-name drug. But the differences are subtle." But if the price of generics continue to rise, and if patients keep looking for cheaper alternatives, the cost of treatment might keep going up, too. "In some ways, it doesn't even matter whether these drugs are generic or not, whether they're brand not," Miller says. "The price of these drugs is such that if these drugs were not sold at such a low price … it wouldn't matter."
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