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Adipex with prescription medication was an early step toward developing effective treatments for bipolar disorder, but it has been controversial and is far from universal. Now, a new study may lend credence to the idea that ketamine would be an effective therapy. "The Phentermine 37.5 mg generic for adipex-p more we learn about how antidepressants work, the more we can use those findings to produce better treatments," said Michael Krause, MD, from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. The new study, in Journal of Neuroscience, suggests that the therapeutic benefits of ketamine could be due to its ability reduce certain levels of a specific molecule implicated in bipolar disorder, as well the blockade of a mechanism that makes this molecule more likely to bind receptors that affect mood. "These findings suggest that the antidepressant effects of ketamine may be a result of its ability to reduce the activity of a brain receptor, which in turn could have effects on the development and progression of depressive adipex discount card symptoms, particularly for patients without suicidal ideation or a history of suicide attempts," Krause said. "There has only been one trial conducted thus far that was designed to investigate the effect of ketamine on depressive symptomatology, which adipex-p 37.5mg 180 pills US$ 560.00 US$ 3.11 is important because these patients represent about 15% of all antidepressant prescriptions," Krause noted. "But there have been a lot of criticisms and all the previous studies because drug has a lot of side effects, although that's certainly not the case with ketamine. This is a drug that very safe. The new study used rat model of depression, in which mice were placed on a constant schedule of antidepressant treatment in the form of ketamine, which is the active ingredient in "special K," a brand of prescription ketamine. To see if antidepressant symptoms would be more likely to emerge in the ketamine-treated mice, researchers used a series of behavioral and biochemical tests involving depression-like behaviors, blood pressure and glucose. "To our surprise, we found that in an initial dose–response study of seven doses, ketamine had antidepressant effects in these animals a manner similar to our standard antidepressant studies of the compound in humans," said Stephen McCarroll, PhD, of the University Alberta, and a member of the Institute for Study Depression. Krause and his colleagues went on to show that chronic ketamine treatment also suppressed the levels of a signaling molecule that was involved in the development of depressive symptoms over time, and that these antidepressant effects were most pronounced in animals that developed severe depressive episodes. "We were able to identify and study a particular gene, called CREB, that plays a role in mood, which is the gene that target of much the existing treatment for bipolar disorder," said McCarroll. "In this study, we're not seeing any of the typical biological effects standard ketamine, and we're not seeing any of the typical side effects ketamine. These are important steps because we believe there's a window where things can begin to change. There have been only three trials on ketamine as a treatment for bipolar disorder, so it's a pretty short window. "This is only a very preliminary, proof-of-concept study that shows one way ketamine's mechanism of action could influence depression symptoms," he noted. "There is still a lot to learn about this compound. The question is how effective can we make it as move toward a potential treatment strategy for bipolar disorder, which has a high suicide rate?" Krause said that this could be an important new research area "and one that we hope to continue investigate from a translational perspective." Another possibility, Krause said, is that ketamine could have antidepressant effects through a mechanism of excitation specific brain cells involved in neurotransmission. The authors conclude that results of this study provide evidence that ketamine treatment may ameliorate depressive symptoms in an animal model of bipolar disorder.
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